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        Our services range from straight keyboarding, making documents searchable and to auditing text for accuracy. You have the option of a fully customized solution within your system resources, manpower and budget. We offer multilingual content conversion upon request.

  • Data Conversion
  • Remapping and Styling
  • Audio Transcription
  • Hard Copy Digitization
  • Keyboarding
  • Capture
  • Website Change Detection
  • Tagging


Streamlined our Philippine operations for better efficiency and management


Here are some reasons why you should
choose Chrisian as your outsource partner.

  • 100% American Corporation
  • Multimillion Dollar Liability Insurance
  • Rock Solid Redundancy
  • Award-winning Success

We combine process automation with tried-and-true practices to get the most efficiency without sacrificing quality.

  • Automated Project Allocation & Submission
  • Smart Checker for Text Accuracy
  • Production Control and Statistics
  • Colleges & Universities Partnerships
  • Continuous Training Program
  • Operator Incentives

Chrisian has received awards from different organizations and award-giving bodies over the years.

  • 1993 – Top 1000 imaging companies in the US
  • 1995 – Top 25 Fastest Growing Small Businesses in NY
  • 2012 – Top 100 Asian Pacific American Owned Businesses in the US
  • 2013 – Top 100 Diversity Owned Businesses in New York