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Chrisian is a partner you can count on.

100% American Corporation

You will deal with an American company who fully complies with and is subject to the laws of the United States.  This means hassle-free transactions, clear communications and full legal protection from any issues that may arise.

Multimillion Dollar Liability Insurance

Thankfully, we never had to use this option and our track record for 3 decades speaks for itself.  However, it is always nice to have peace of mind in case of a worst-case scenario.

Rock Solid Redundancy

In case of natural calamities, national holidays or political events, you can rest assure that our production would still continue.  Our operators in the Philippines and China are cross-trained to be able to pick-up where the other one left off and vice-versa.


Chrisian offers unmatched reliability through our automated processes, tried-and-true practices and decades of experience.

Automated Sending/Receiving of Projects

Gets rid of tedious manual process which allows us to concentrate more on the job-at-hand. It also sends us notifications whenever a project is nearing its due time so we could act accordingly.

Smart Checker for Text Accuracy

To ensure text accuracy and searchability of important terms, we run a program to check the text file whenever our programs detects an error, a window will pop up to highlight it.

Production Control and Statistics

By requiring our operators to log in and out of our system (that is integrated with our production processes), no one can take shortcuts in procedures and it allows us to review their attendance and performance statistics.

Colleges & Universities Partnerships

This is a symbiotic relationship wherein students do their On-The-Job Training (OJT) program with us and for those who excel, we offer full-time employment after they graduate.

Continuous Training Program

Similar to pilots, who are required to undergo training every 6 months, we apply this principle to ensure that all our operators are always at the top of their game.

Operator Incentives

Our top performers per month receive monetary rewards and company recognition which serves as an inspiration for the others to strive for.