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In 2010, Chrisian made a major investment to streamline all of its Philippine operations through this facility in Angono, Rizal.  It was a calculated risk at that time because the area was a lesser known source for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) ventures though it was classified as an “emerging zone”.

The construction started on March 3, 2010 and was completed in six months.  The inauguration and blessing was on September 3, 2010 and the event was graced by the local Mayor of Angono.  It’s total cost of over a million U.S. dollars was paid in full, without any type of loan.  As a result, Chrisian had a maximum manpower of 600 full-time operators on 3 shifts.

In 2013, after the success of I.T. Building 1, Chrisian furthered its growth through the expansion of its facility. Management decided to erect a second building on the empty lot behind I.T. Building 1 that was just used for company events.  The construction started on March 2013 and was completed in six months too.

The inauguration and blessing was on September 12, 2013 and the event was graced, this time, by both the Governor of Rizal and the Mayor of Angono.  As a result, Chrisian doubled its maximum manpower to 1,200 full-time operators on 3 shifts.

ISO 9001 Certified

Chrisian strictly adheres to safe, humane and responsible business practices.

Strategically Located

Just minutes away from the city but with much less traffic and congestion

At 300 feet above sea level, our buildings are safeguarded from flooding.

The nearby proximity of multiple colleges and universities provides us with a generous talent pool and potential employees.

Majority of our manpower just live within the vicinity which greatly reduces their travel times as well as commuting and food expenses.

Our core team is like family and have been with us for decades. Our attrition rate is an industry-leading 3% per month.

Our savings from lower operational costs are passed on to our partners.

Our facilities benefit the surrounding, economically depressed communities with employment and small business opportunities.

Modern and Eco-friendly

No downtime, tighter security, lower bills while still being “green”

Our fiber-optic Internet connection is a blazing fast 100 Mbps and can be bumped up to 10 Gbps (upon demand).

Our industrial-grade, 55 KVA diesel generator automatically kicks in when power goes out. It can power both of our buildings indefinitely as long as there is a constant supply of diesel fuel.

Not only does it make our facility more “greener”, it also serves as a place for our workforce to relax. To clear their thoughts and to relieve stress.

We offer a separate room(s) for highly confidential or sensitive projects. Security measures include fingerprint authentication, activity logging, closed-circuit television monitoring and disabling of non-essential features of computers.

3M Black Chrome tints on all our glass panels and windows reduces our cooling costs by up to 40%.

Fully air-conditioned rooms. It decreases our air conditioners’ power consumption by up to 70%.

Strategically positioned all over the facility, aside from displaying up-to-date status of ongoing projects, It also showcases the top performing operators of the month.

Eliminates the need for an elevated placement of the tank to generate pressure and for all other water usage.

We have a fully furnished room where our executives can temporarily stay to oversee an important project or to minimize wasted time from commuting.