Let’s get

right to it!

Excel and grow your business more than ever before.
We are here to solve your problems and excite you with
new possibilities. Break free from boundaries through our
expertise and cutting-edge technology

Let’s get right to it!

Excel and grow your business more than ever before.
We are here to solve your problems and excite you with
new possibilities, breaking free of boundaries through our
expertise and cutting-edge technology.

Here in Chrisian, we have the ability to adapt
to the unique needs of our partners:

Content Conversion

Electronic & Hard Copy Media

We convert electronic or hard copy
media (including non-English
languages) into either an XML file,
an E-book or any proprietary file
format. In electronic source files
like MS Word, JPEGs and PDFs,
text is extracted to become
editable. Based on instructions,
“tags” are applied on the text to
make it searchable. The text is
then converted to the desired
format like XML.

Multimedia Indexing

Textual & Video

We search and format text similar
to a book’s index by adding
metadata, selecting keywords and
putting subject terms to make it
searchable. For video, it is the same
principle: events are tagged so that
they can be counted and searched
for statistical purposes.

Path 61

Keyboarding & Entry

Online & Offline

We search, identify, analyze, and
extract specific content from either
electronic or hard copy media into
an electronic document
or spreadsheet.

Customer Support

We build and manage teams for voice, e-mail,

and chat support. Our agents are college-

educated, English-proficient, and neutrally-

accented. We ensure that the entire team

consists of product experts that maintain a

positive attitude while creatively problem-

solving for quick and personalized resolutions.

Quality Audit


We audit processed files of other suppliers for
their accuracy, searchability, formatting and
critical elements in order to check if they
meet the standard.

Comparing & Updating

Online & Offline

We update a “master document” with changes
from either a website or a published e-Book to
ensure text completeness, structure, footnotes,
tables, pictures, etc. making sure all updates
are accounted for.



We correct small errors in both text and style
layout. This takes more time than simple
proofreading because measuring consistency
requires making sure proper names are
always treated the same, which often
involves going over the text multiple times.

Virtual Assistant

Personal & Departmental

We will do the work of one person to

a whole department:

• Quality Auditing and Checking

• Accounting

• Operations and Production

• Clerical Work

Audio Transcription

Audio & Textual

We use a combination of artificial and

human intelligence to transcribe audio to

the desired accuracy.

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